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Snack Break Problem #24

Last Challenge

A few people attempted the last challenge but no one did it correctly. I might have not done the best with explaining the problem. So these are the results of this snack break, whose solutions were never showcased.


BlackJPI - Solution

turtletowerz - Lost Solution

wfvj014 - Solution

kingdom5 - Solution

This week's challenge

This week's challenge is to make a "Cat Trap Game." An example of the game can be found here.


You have the freedom to get creative with this. You can be simplistic and not use graphics if you'd like. The tiles can be in a different pattern as well, however using a square tile pattern would probably be easier for you than using a hex tile or circular tile pattern. This doesn't have to be GUI based.

The challenge is getting the "cat" to path-find out of the tiles. You can't use any ROBLOX pathfinding functions for this.


In order to submit your attempt, simply message me, OldPalHappy, here with the model or place, open sourced. If you would like, you can also message me on discord or via the forum messaging system with a link to your code.


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