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Creating A Furniture Placement System

One of the most common requests I get for blog post topics are for a decoration placement system that saves. I’ve shied away from this topic in the past as there is no singular “correct” way to do it. That being said, I think it's a good exercise for all game devs to go through and will potentially place a role in a future blog post I plan to write.

In addition to change things up, I’ll also take the time to explain and use Object Oriented Programming (OOP) as it’s not only my own preferred style, but also something Roblox uses for their core scripts.

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Creating Your Own Simon Says!

Most of the posts that I make tend to be very mathematical and aimed at experienced developers. Today's post is instead going to be aimed at those of you who are newer to the platform, and are looking for a project to practice your skills on. We will be going over how we can make our very own game of Simon says!

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Snack Break Problem #28

It's been quite awhile since Scripting Helpers hosted its last Snack Break challenge but I'm excited to breath some life into this three-year tradition! For those of you who are unfamiliar, the goal of a Snack Break is to provide a quick and thought provoking challenge that programmers of all skill levels can get something out of.

Modeling a projectile's motion

As a somewhat active member of the Scripting Helpers discord one of the most common questions I see is how to have a projectile travel an arc. Most people want to know how to do this for things like basketballs or cannon balls and so forth. Since this is such a popular question I thought it would be worth writing a blog post on it and talking about a few other things we can extend from our findings.

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The First Person Element Of A First Person Shooter

In this post we will be talking about creating our very own filtering enabled friendly first person shooter (FPS) game. I do want to make clear though that I won't be covering how to actually make the weapon shoot in this article. All we are going to be covering is the visuals meaning having the character aim down sights, look up and down, etc. Maybe we'll talk about shooting another day.

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Community Question: Solving System of Equations With CFrames

Today I recieved the following message from a user:


This user is correct! There is something going on with the CFrame class that is making his calculation not work that's no fault of his own. In this blog post blog post we'll explore why that is.

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How to think about Quaternions

Quaternions are always a tricky, but interesting subject. They are four dimensional in nature and provide an unparalleled usefulness when it comes to rotations. Unfortunately, they’re far from intuitive, and for most people they are avoided entirely in favour of just letting the engine do the heavy lifting. Most of my own knowledge of quaternions is technical and although I have always been able to make them do what I wanted, I never opted to use them in my day to day endeavours. That is until a few days ago when I was messing in studio and something clicked.

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Reparameterization: Tips and Tricks

Awhile back I wrote an article on the wiki discussing Bezier curves. Near the end of the article I started to talk about reparameterization (arc-length parameterization) and how it could be done without calculus. Today we are going to talk about how it can be done with calculus and hopefully make it clear how you might do this with functions beyond Bezier curves.

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