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Snack Break Problem #22

Last Challenge

Last challenge was to re-create the game "SUPERHOT", and we had a total of 4 people submit their creations, in order of the first to submit to the last:

I had an extreme amount of trouble trying to decide who should win, therefor, everybody is a winner! All 4 winners shall get the snack break tag for a week. Good luck on the next snack break!

~ shayner32

Snack Break Problem #21

There hasn't been a snack break in a little bit, so let's get it going with an "intermediate" task for those who would like to try! The challenge shall be to recreate the base (or more if you want extra points!) of the game SUPERHOT.

If you haven't heard of SUPERHOT, I will try to explain it as best I can, however it is advised for you to look up a video of it if you haven't heard of it before. In SUPERHOT, time only moves when you do. When standing still, and not looking around, time will move extremely slow. However, as soon as you start moving, the world around you will also begin moving. The objective of SUPERHOT is to use your ability to do things like line up shots, dodge bullets, and more.


  • You can create purely the slowing down dynamic, you don't need to create enemies/weapons if you do not want to. However, you must be actually able to showcase the dynamic.

  • When you submit your game, make sure it's uncopylocked!


The person who I deem completed the challenge the best will get the snack break badge until the next snack break (badge can be seen here). Everyone who completes the challenge will be mentioned on the next snack break post.

You can submit your game by messaging me on ROBLOX. Good luck!

New ROBLOX Security Measures

Recently ROBLOX introduced an update to increase the protection of each ROBLOX game. This update includes the following security measures:

  • All games that do not have Filtering Enabled toggled shall have an age requirement of 13 to join.

  • Any place where text may be inputted in your game will now be required to have Text Filtering applied to it. Any game that does not have this feature will be put under review until it is added, however, it will not be content deleted, and no moderation action will be taken against the place owner's account.

What does this mean for us as developers?

As many of you know, a large portion of ROBLOX's community is under 13. In order to ensure your game is accessible by the entire community, you will have to make it within compliance of these two updates. While doing so, you may find these two articles helpful:

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Scripting Helpers Volunteer Application 2017

Scripting Helpers is looking to fill more volunteer positions in our team again this year.

We're looking for the following roles:

  • General administrator
  • Blog author
  • Question moderator
  • Events coordinator
  • Forum moderator
  • Website developer

...or, if you feel you have something new to bring to Scripting Helpers, feel free to apply too! Any and all exceptional applications will be considered for any role.

A Discord account is required to apply and fill a staff position.

Applications closed 22 January 2017.

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Announcing the all-new Scripting Helpers Forum

We finally have a forum for anyone who wants to get meta about Scripting Helpers. You can find it here:

The forum uses third-party software but it is configured so that your Scripting Helpers account is automatically used when you visit. As an added bonus, the forum website has a built-in chat system so as a side effect Scripting Helpers now has user-to-user messaging for anyone who clicks the forum link. Neat.

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All About Deprecation

Deprecation is a topic you'll hear often. Everyone will tell you that deprecated items should be avoided, but why?

Objects, properties, methods or events that become deprecated could be removed at any time by ROBLOX, because you're not suppose to be using them anymore anyways. Normally deprecated items aren't removed instantly to give people time to become used to new methods, or so they don't break older games.

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New Reputation Changes Moving into the New Year

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great holiday and end to this interesting and eventful year. I want to take a moment and talk about everyone's favorite currency for a moment: Scripting Helpers reputation.

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Snack Break Problem #20: Brain***k compiler!

Let's get right to it: this week's Snack Break problem involves writing a compiler for a computer language. Don't worry, though! It's an extremely basic programming language with few rules and instructions.

Brain***k is a funny little language. It should be a fun task to implement a version of it in Lua! From Wikipedia:

Brain***k is an esoteric programming language created in 1993 by Urban Müller, and notable for its extreme minimalism.

The language consists of only eight simple commands and an instruction pointer. While it is fully Turing-complete, it is not intended for practical use, but to challenge and amuse programmers.

You can use this online Brain***k compiler to get some more examples and experiment with the language.