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Reparameterization: Tips and Tricks

Awhile back I wrote an article on the wiki discussing Bezier curves. Near the end of the article I started to talk about reparameterization (arc-length parameterization) and how it could be done without calculus. Today we are going to talk about how it can be done with calculus and hopefully make it clear how you might do this with functions beyond Bezier curves.

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New Ranks to Achieve on Scripting Helpers

Hello everyone,

Today, we have rolled out a new set of ranks for you all to earn for spending your time on Scripting Helpers! We've revamped the requirements for the old ranks, in addition to adding six brand new titles to the pool.

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Screen space conversion and back again

A very common set of functions that are often used by GUI creators are:

These functions are used to either take a 3D point and convert it to 2D or vice versa (with rays). I think most people can agree that these functions are super useful, but not many people know how they actually work under the hood! As a matter of fact these functions weren't added until close to mid 2015 so what did people do before them?

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Snack Break Problem #27

Snack Break problems have been a running blog series on Scripting Helpers for the past three years, originally started by Unclear. Since then, the authors and frequency of posts has changed, but the purpose is the same: Provide a quick and thought-provoking challenge for new programmers to overcome and experienced programmers to perfect. To start off our third year running of problems to solve, we have another challenge ready to go.

Snack Break 26: A Simple Game of Skill

The last snack break may have been a little too difficult or a little too technical, so this time we're stepping it back it some with a much simpler challenge.

But first, the "winners" of 25!

September 2017 Game Jam

As noted in the blog schedule post, Scripting Helpers will now be hosting monthly Game Jams for ROBLOX!

Details are still being worked out for how judging will work, but the most important information is that these Game Jams will not feature Robux rewards unless sponsored by a third party. These jams will be mostly-informal competitions to get you all making games, but the more people that participate the better!

Without further ado, the theme of this month's Game Jam is....

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Tips & Tricks 1: Debugging with print() Statements

A lot of times when writing code you will have something that doesn't error but doesn't work either. These, very simply, are bugs in your code.

TL;DR: When your code isn't working but you don't know why, add print() statements to every unique code block and figure out exactly which lines of code are and, more importantly, are not running! Use these print()s to check what your variables are as well.

This article will be about how to use print() as your most basic tool for "debugging" your code!

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Snack Break 25: Arrays in Higher Dimensions

Hey guys! It's been a while! Sadly, I don't have the submissions for the last Snack Break, so we're starting fresh again.

Snack Breaks for here on out will be regularly updated! Be sure to check the schedule for the exact dates.

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