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Scripting Helpers Forum Data

Hello Scripting Helpers community,

Unfortunately, private user data was accessed from our forum website (previously hosted on, which was closed earlier this year.

Only data accessible from the forum software was released. No data from the main website was breached.

The following data points of users who at any point accessed the forum website at was unfortunately released to the public:

  • Roblox Username
  • Email address
  • Previously used IP addresses
  • Ban reasons

No other information was released. No passwords were accessed or released.

The data was accessed via a compromised staff member's account whose password appeared in a data dump from a different website that was hacked. Despite our requirement for all staff members to have 2FA enabled on their Scripting helpers Account, this requirement did not extend to the forum website as it was hosted using third party forum software.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

You can check if your information was leaked by viewing this page while being logged in.

- Scripting Helpers

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