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Sunsetting Scripting Helpers

After nearly 10 years, it's time for the Scripting Helpers website to start winding down. The technology that powers the website is showing its age, with performance problems, technical limitations, and Roblox API updates causing problems that would require a large time investment to fix. Not to mention - 10 years of technical debt adds up! The role of this website has largely been replaced by Roblox's official DevForum, with activity slowing down here over the last few years. So at this point, closing things down seems to make the most sense.

Hundreds of thousands of questions and answers have been posted on this website over the years. This content will be preserved indefinitely as the Scripting Helpers website transitions into read-only mode. As of the time of this post, the content that is currently available on the website will be frozen and will remain accessible into the foreseeable future.

Eventually, the current website will be replaced with a static version without any dynamic features. The hope is that the static version of the website should be fast and resilient, able to stand on its own without any maintenance required.

See you around!

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