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Advertise your Roblox Product or Game on Scripting Helpers

Advertise your Roblox Product to more than 150,000 unique monthly users

Scripting Helpers is a website supported entirely by volunteers and advertising pays for their time and offsets server costs. We are opening a new program with the goal of making these ads more relevant to our users.

After many years of questions and answers, Scripting Helpers ranks highly in searches related to Roblox development. The vast majority of the traffic comes from logged-out users who are looking for an answer to a quick Roblox question.

Scripting Helpers is now offering ad space in the form of a banner on top of all questions. Benefits of advertising on Scripting Helpers include:

  • Advertise directly to Roblox users / developers
  • Ads will not be blocked by conventional ad blocker extensions
  • Only pay when users click the ad
  • Competitive cost-per-click pricing (CPC)

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