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Snack Break Problem #19

Last Challenge

In the last challenge, I asked you to recreate Conway's popular Game Of Life. We had four submissions, and all four seem to check out. One of my favorites was one done by Soved. Kingdom made theirs the very largest. Thank you to all who attempted the challenge.

Soved's Solution

Kingdom5's Solution

Evaera's Solution

Turtletowerz's Solution

Snack Break #19's Problem

This challenge was suggested to me by Kingdom5. He suggested we re-make the 1989 game Minesweeper. People seemed to have enjoyed recreating basic games that take some thinking, and so do I.


The rules for this game are rather simple. You must create a grid, at least 9x9, that contains hidden mines or hazards. The player then clicks tiles to uncover what's underneath. The first click a player makes is always safe. The square will then display the number of bombs in a 3x3 area around the tile. Normally, the player can right-click to flag tiles so they don't miss-click and blow everything up.

You can play a game of minesweeper online here, and this link is very helpful for strategy or examples on the rules and how to play. I also made an example on ROBLOX in preparation for this challenge that you can play here. I'll make sure to open source the game when the challenge is over.

I'm really excited to see your solutions and creative game ideas. Feel free to get creative, but stick to the main rules for the game. I'll point out my personal favorite solution on the next snack break.


To submit your attempt, just send me the link to the place/model here along with your SH username. If you're submitting the place, please make the game open source. If you complete the challenge, you will be mentioned on the next snack break.


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User#11440 says: October 27, 2016
MrLonely1221 says: October 28, 2016
wfvj014 actually already made a minesweeper game before this came out. xD
User#11440 says: October 28, 2016
I made it in preparation for this Challenge. I made it in about 5 hours, but admittedly if I didn't have an obvious bug I could have done it in 1-2 hours :3
soved says: October 30, 2016
You wrote my name as "Solved" instead of "Soved". (Third sentence)
User#11440 says: October 31, 2016
Same difference.
OldPalHappy says: May 12, 2017