Scripting Helpers is a community-based Question and Answer website. We want members to keep joining and stick around to help out. However, we wish to ensure everyone enjoys their time on Scripting Helpers and other community functions. We have updated these guidelines to extend to other community functions while keeping some rule sets restricted to where they apply.

Global Guidelines

Scripting Helpers is a community, we all want it to be a good one. These guidelines are designed for all functions of the Scripting Helpers website. These policies may be enforced in the discord, forum, or general website. Overall, use of best judgment and common sense will keep you in the clear with these guidelines.

1. Do not be a jerk.

  • Do not start flame wars.
  • Do not harass other users.
  • Hate speech of a group or class is prohibited.

2. Do not post bad website links or images.

  • Sexualized or adult-rated content.
  • Viruses, spyware, ransomware, or otherwise malicious software.
  • Gory, inhumane, graphic, or otherwise explicit content.
  • Tracking links.
  • Media content otherwise deemed inappropriate for use of a general audience.

3. Do not impersonate another member.

  • Impersonation of another member in act of malice or slander is prohibited.
  • Impersonation of staff is prohibited.

4. Otherwise deemed nonpermissible or unjustifiable content, comments, behavior, or actions of which may impose danger, harm, or inconvenience toward community members or the website itself is prohibited.

Scripting Helpers shall not permit abusive comments of which target race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, personality, or otherwise not aforementioned group.

Website Guidelines

General website rules pertain to content submitted to the Scripting Helpers website.

1. Do not use profane, vulgar, or explicit language or material on the website.

  • Explicit or foul conduct, censored or uncensored, in which a foul word may be implied in intent, is prohibited.

2. All questions must be related to the Roblox Lua Scripting Language.

  • Do not post requests for scripts, building, or making a game.^
  • Explain what has been attempted when posting your question.^
  • Do not post errors caused by Roblox Studio or Roblox Core Scripts.^
  • Review this Help Article to help set up a good question.^
  • Ensure a proper title is provided to the question.
  • Attempts should be your own work. Don't take a free model and expect us to fix it.^
  • Exploit scripts or scripts of malicious intent are prohibited.

3. Answers must show reasonable attempt to solve the question.

  • Explain what went wrong.^
  • Provide code as an example. Include the explanation of the code.^

4. Do not offer rewards for answers to questions.

  • This includes, but is not limited to, reputation points, gift cards, robux, products, services, payment of a monetary or virtual value.

5. Malicious or targeted repeated reputation changes are not permitted.

  • Use of alternate accounts or glitches to manipulate your own reputation.
  • Friends and family members can not be the only people to upvote you.
  • Do not find every post by a user and downvote it unjustly.

Guides indicated with (^) should not to be reported. Allow other members of the community deem the content fitting for the site or not.

Question moderation is handled by the presiding staff or experienced community members. If your question gets moderated for any reason, do not repost the same question. Ensure necessary changes are made to the question to fit the advice of the moderation message. Spam, off-topic, and request content are not permitted. If you wish to have a moderation claim reviewed, contact a support agent to review it.

Website Chat Rules

1. Don't be a jerk.

2. Website guidelines apply.

3. Do not spam the chat or make it unwelcoming for others.

4. Use of third party software or "bots" to read, post, or connect to the chat in any way is prohibited.

Forum Guidelines

1. Website guidelines apply.

2. Further forum rules located under the topic "The Law" in the Commons category.

Discord Guidelines

Due to the Scripting Helpers discord server being hosted off site, rules and moderation are more relaxed.

Further rules may be found in the #rules channel located in the Discord server.

Language and material within the Discord server may be suggestive. User's discretion is advised upon entering the server.

Final Note

While not all guidelines may lead to the removal of your account, some guidelines are simply guides. Being abusive to community members is frowned upon and may lead to termination of a certain site or community privilege. Please maintain a welcoming relationship and environment with the members of Scripting Helpers. We are glad to have you on the site and wish to continue working with you.

~ Scripting Helpers Team