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Welcome to Scripting Helpers


Welcome to Scripting Helpers, a ROBLOX Q&A website specifically designed to help with ROBLOX Lua scripting. Here at Scripting Helpers, our main goal is getting your scripting questions answered and making that information easily available to to others.


We offer features similar to other popular Q&A websites, such as weighted answers, reputation, and community-controlled moderation. Asking your scripting questions here is not only fun and easy for you, but it also helps anyone else who has the same question. Questions from Scripting Helpers will be indexed by search engines, making it very easy for those in the future to find what they are looking for.

The Team

The website has been under development for several months by Kenetec, owner of Scripting Helpers and LuaLearners. Our website manager is currently 18cwatford, and our blog manager is MrNicNac.

Looking Forward

We will have some very interesting and informative blog posts here on Scripting Helpers, so be sure to check back here often!

We will also be hosting a ROBLOX version of the Ludum Dare, an event where a group of developers make a game on a specific topic and then the winner receives a prize. We will have some more information on that in a few days, so be sure to check back!

A Thank-You

Thank you for checking out Scripting Helpers, and we hope you have a great experience while you're here!

- The Scripting Helpers Team

Alpha Testers

Thank you to the following alpha testers, who helped us work out bugs and provided feedback so you have a great experience:

18cwatford, itunes89, Ozzypig, omeybabyface, Chili1924, MrNicNac, Unclear, TheMyrco, MarkOtaris, chaoticregandpledge, 25564, suremark, Quenty, DreadPirateRobux, Mazux, Inexperienced, Superburke1, Articshifter, Sparker22, Tridecimize, bcramaster, SamuelKingx, cheatmaster18, InjectSQL, Alpha0Beat, FearMeIAmLag, joebrewer, Bolohuc, TechPerson32, targeting, codymoder13, Bubby4j, cheaterdude12, Keanu73, Sententious, FlamePlatinum

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