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The New Blog Schedule

As promised, here's the blog's new Official Schedule!

Week Monday Friday
1 Game Jam Start Snack Break
2 Tech Article Tips & Tricks
3 ROBLOX Updates Snack Break
4 Game Jam Winners Tips & Tricks

Game Jam Start/Winners:

Every month we will be hosting a 2-week ROBLOX Game Jam with a theme given at the start of the month. After this period, the community will be given a week to vote on the games they like best, and the SH Staff will decide on the winner! Finally, a one-week break so nobody burns out.

Tech Article:

This monthly article is going to go deep into the nitty and gritty for a specific, real-world problem that can be approached through programming. Specifically, we'll be looking at things relevant to development on ROBLOX, but if enough people want to see a specific topic written about, we're open to suggestions!

ROBLOX Updates:

This monthly article will cover the smaller, quality-of-life changes made to either the ROBLOX Engine or its Lua API over the last month. If you want more details about anything mentioned in this, be sure to let us know!

Snack Break:

Your standard Snack Break. Check out #25, posted today!

Tips & Tricks:

Short-form explanations of small things you can do to make your life as a developer easier. These will be things small enough to say in a Tip of the Day, but fully explained and explored.

This Month

This 4-week schedule will start in full in two weeks, on the 4th!

The schedule for the rest of this month looks like this:

Monday Friday
Snack Break 25 Tips & Tricks 1
ROBLOX Updates Tips & Tricks 2

Off-schedule Posts

Sometimes emergencies happen and we need to address them ASAP. Sometimes ROBLOX introduces game-breaking updates that need to be dealt with.

When these things happen, we'll make posts outside of the normal schedule to address them. These off-schedule posts will never replace a scheduled post!

Suggestions and Requests

If there's a topic you'd like to see covered, tips to share, or ideas for the Snack Breaks or Game Jams, be sure to let us know on Discord!

We don't have an official suggestion box, so just talk to us, and the info will get to whoever needs to know it.

About the Author

Valentine Albee - ROBLOX Developer and Professional Programmer

Feel free to shoot me a message on Discord!
Ideas and questions are always welcome. :)

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potatoboy9999 says: August 27, 2017
Glad the blog is getting regularly used now! :D