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Snack Break Problem #6

I'm back

Sorry for the gap between this post and the last. During that period, I completed my research on optical character recognition of LaTeX symbols, turned 18, and graduated high school! Special thanks to those of you that helped me by submitting symbol drawings when I asked for assistance.

Changes to Snack Break

The Snack Break blog posts will now be changed up a bit; there will no longer be a reflection of the last problem. Not only do I feel that some of the reflections I wrote were poorly drafted, but I also think that they spend too much time focusing on a single solution to a problem that can be solved in a multitude of ways.

Obviously, that is a bad thing to do, so sorry about that.

Nevertheless, I will still be posting my personal solutions to github, and you will be able to review them there. I will also be adding what I believe to be the most elementary solution, along with a wealth of comments to help people who are lost.

This week's problem

This will be the first problem using RBX.Lua. You want to create a regular polygon with Parts. How would you go about doing this?

Check out the full problem here on github.

Good luck!


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Perci1 says: June 21, 2015
DigitalVeer says: June 26, 2015
Done! I was messing up on rotating them, because I realized I was multiplying by a constant CFrame rather than basing it off of how many parts there are
saenae says: June 27, 2015
This one's pi compared to the other ones. Get it?