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Snack Break Problem #10

Hello scripters! This week's challenge is to create a spray can much like Roblox's Spray Can model. However, there's a catch. When you use the spray can the decal must be able to break off when it's sprayed onto two splitting doors..

The Approach

The goal is: create a 'spray' tool, in which I can spray a decal onto a part. The decal does not need to be of my choice (it could be preset). For example, take the ROBLOX Spray Can, how it positions the decal wherever you click the mouse. Now, here's the catch: If I 'spray' a decal in the middle of two sliding doors, when they open (in opposite directions), the decal must split apart! You could use SurfaceGuis, or whichever you are most comfortable with. When it splits, it may not always be directly in half. Say a majority of the image is on one side of the door, when it splits, it must remain on that side.


Last Week's Snack Break

For those who are wondering about last week's results, here they are: I'd like to congratulate Narrev on creating the most efficient way to complete the Supreme Challenge! However, eLunate was the first to send a working answer for the Supreme Challenge. Here are the answers:

Standard Challenge

Elite Challenge

Supreme Challenge

I will be publishing the answer next week Friday, or possibly a bit earlier to bring a new Snack Break! Those who email me first with their answer will receive a shoutout on the next Snack Break related post I make!


Since I didn't receive any submissions, I'm extending this challenge's deadline to Monday!

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ChemicalHex says: March 9, 2016
That looks...painful.
Angels_Develop says: March 12, 2016
yeah I mean instead of a regular decal you would have to use frames such ... I can create a script for this but it would take like 2 days because of its complexity ..
PureConcept says: March 19, 2016
Don't overthink it lol
PureConcept says: March 20, 2016
I gave up on the GUI positioning
ZarsBranchkin says: March 20, 2016
Decided to give it a go. After long hours of arguing with math, it actually worked.