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Scripting Helpers CodePal - Everything you need to make a successful game in one plugin!

April Fools!

CodePal has been in closed development within the Scripting Helpers for a long time now, headed by our very own Game Jam winner, tkcmdr! We are happy to finally be able to unveil a testable version to the public.

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CodePal has two ways to help program your game:

  • Generate Mode - This advanced system uses machine learning algorithms to extract game information from images you give it, and it will generate all necessary scripts for the game.
  • Passive Mode - CodePal will guide you while making your game, providing helpful hints and suggest better code snippets after it watches you code something quite terrible.

* Long development time evidenced by the use of the old Scripting Helpers logo

Introducing the Scripting Helpers Hotline - 24/7 live chat and team create support for your place

Having trouble getting that one feature to work? Worry not. With our new live chat service, you can press our hotline button and be instantly connected with a certified development support agent, who will be able to guide you through the process. (Disclaimer: support agent may direct you to activate "generate" mode of CodePal and then disconnect the chat.)

April Fools!

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User#5423 says: April 1, 2017
Wow this is the best plugin I have seen, you need to configure the HttpService for it to run as expected.
Programical says: April 1, 2017
User#15461 says: April 1, 2017
10/10 xD
User#15461 says: April 1, 2017
also passive icon and generate icon don't work. :P
TrippyV says: April 1, 2017
Darn, I fell for it: https://gyazo.com/35cbe8ca5e37d36e34e423e1f38ddc17 good joke lmao
Perci1 says: April 1, 2017
i was hoping for an "april fools!" but it doesn't even do anything :(
koolkid8099 says: April 1, 2017
April fools 10/10
DeveloperSolo says: April 2, 2017
I know right kingdom. It really helped me develop the next step in my game.
JasonTheOwner says: April 10, 2017
We should still do this project! LOL
RubenKan says: April 18, 2017
Lol ^ wouldn't be possible.
1000Creepers says: June 10, 2017
lol, if this was real there would be millions of legit games on roblox.