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Roblox Updates: March 2016 Edition

This month there have been some great updates released. Today we bring you the monthly round up of Roblox's great updates and how they might affect you.

R15 Character Models

Many people could probably see this coming as being the first update we'll talk about. The day after our February Edition of the Update Round Up, Roblox announced on their DevForums the beta testing of the character models. It has been confirmed by Roblox that we will still maintain the option to keep the R6 Character Models. Currently the tests are in closed beta, but you can check out Sorcus's place for demonstration.


NameOcclusion by default now is on OccludeAll. This will mean any person's head covered by another object will be invisible to the player. As before it was NoOcclusion, we would be able to see the names through walls. Unless your game accounts for this change and places it back to NoOcclusion, the name tags will default. Which here is a script we can help out with.

game.Players.PlayerAdded:connect(function(Player) --Event to find if a player has joined the server. Player being the variable of the object the event gathered of the player.
    Player.CharacterAdded:connect(function(Character) --Event fired every time the player respawns or the Character is replaced. Character being the variable of the Character model being used.
        Character:WaitForChild('Humanoid').NameOcclusion = Enum.NameOcclusion.NoOcclusion --Will wait for Humanoid to become existent then change the NameOcclusion to the value of the Enumerator NoOcclusion.
    end) --Close the CharacterAdded event.
end) --Close the PlayerAdded event.

Build with Friends with Team Create

We get it, this is supposed to be a scripting blog but we felt it would be necessary to add this topic. Team Create has been released to public beta meaning you can check it out at any time in the Roblox Studio view tab when modifying a place, you can find the step by step guide here. Anyone can edit scripts, however only one person can edit scripts at one time. Maybe Roblox may work on real time script collaboration in the future so we may script with friends. Another plus side to this feature could be improved collaboration and efficiency in problem solving and debugging errors on Scripting Helpers.

Tickets to be Discontinued

As sad as it might sound tickets are being discontinued and Roblox is shipping them off with some new hats. What this might mean for your game I have no idea if we are to expect any damage, but once tickets get removed users might want to remove the sale functionality through tickets in any scripts. For example if you've been trying to sell developer products or gamepasses in game specifically as tickets, I have a feeling the enumerator option might get removed, or altered to ask for Robux. Anyways, hats off to tickets and we look forward to what Roblox might have in store.

Side Note: Have you checked out our glossary lately? BlueTaslem spent some time this week updating it and the entries look great! If you have any suggestions on what should be added to the glossary, or you find any imperfections, let us know in the Feedback box to the left of the page.

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Overstrand says: April 4, 2016
Alright, this is interesting. Just a question: does anyone know when the new ROBLOX character models will be released?
OniiCh_n says: April 8, 2016
From Sorcus's place: "This is a showcase place of the new R15 Avatar. FIRST: ALL ANIMATIONS ARE TEMPORARY This is going to be rolled out to all users in a few months. Try it and let us know what you think in the comments."
Pandocool says: April 17, 2016
Rip tickets
LifeInDevelopment says: May 10, 2016
About the tickets, I know they will never bring it back but could they atleast remove the marketplace fee and allow nbc members to make clothing? Its hard enough getting robux now and with a 90% marketplace fee its impossible for developers to earn money. Not only that but many small developers (the majority of devs) make alot of money from place visits.