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ROBLOX Ludum Dare: February 26 - March 12

Hey everyone, Scripting Helpers is now hosting its first ever ROBLOX Ludum Dare! If you're unfamiliar with what Ludum Dare is, it's a game development competition in which developers have a certain amount of time to develop a game relevant to a given theme. Entries to Scripting Helpers' ROBLOX Ludum Dare will be voted on by the community, and there's a 50,000 R$ grand prize for the winner.

There are only a couple restrictions that entries must abide with in order to be eligible to win. The entry must be relevant to the theme, be a public game (not friends only), and abide by ROBLOX rules. Only one game can be entered per person.

The event is being hosted by Scripting Helpers, and is being sponsored by Lucidity in order to fuel creativity and give aspiring developers a chance to be able to fund their projects.

To submit your game and learn more, visit our ROBLOX Ludum Dare page.

UPDATE: Shedletsky has opted to match the grand prize of 25K ROBUX! The grand prize is now 50,000 ROBUX to the winner.

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Teeter11 says: April 1, 2014
When will there be another one?