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ROBLOX Game Jam: March 1 - March 15

This season, we are hosting our own Game Jam! A Game Jam is a competition in which all developers can create a game with the given theme, and whoever's is the highest rated wins! This season's theme: Farm. Whether or not you want to develop a game or just sit back and wait for the contestants to roll in, you're in luck because all Scripting Helpers members will be able to rate each other's submissions!

Game Rules

The rules are pretty simple. For the full list of rules, check the submission page.

  • It must follow the given theme
  • The game must be finished when you submit it
  • It must be a new place (can not continue work on a previous place)
  • It must only be worked on during the submission period


The game which receives the most favorable feedback from the community will be given the honor of the Grand Prize, which includes 10,000 ROBUX and a Grand Prize Winner badge here on Scripting Helpers. Second and third place winners ROBUX prizes are not yet decided. Second, third, fourth, and fifth place winners will all receive a Game Jam badge here on Scripting Helpers.


  • The starting date is: March 1
  • The cut-off date is: March 15 11:59 PM Eastern Time
  • Community judging starts: Not Yet Announced
  • Community judging ends: Not Yet Announced
  • Winners announced: Not Yet Announced


We encourage all scripters and builders alike to participate in this season's Game Jam! If you have anymore additional questions, feel free to hit that blue "Feedback" button! See more on our Game Jam page.

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