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Posting Good Questions and Answers on Scripting Helpers

Asking questions is the purpose of this website, but not just any question will cut it. For example, asking someone to make you a script for money is not something we'd like to see here. As we've seen some confusion on this in the past, we've developed this guide to help you ask relevant questions.

If you are asking a question, make sure do the following...

  • First, before anything else, use the search feature to see if someone has asked your question before! If you don't find it on Scripting Helpers, search the wiki! Search for keywords that relate to your question. If it has been asked before, it may be closed as a duplicate post anyway, so do your research!

  • Explain what you've tried so far. Don't come into the picture just asking for someone to do all of the work for you.

  • Provide an example of the code you have tried, and explain what you want it to do.

  • Do not only post code, or only post an explanation. Both are required to make a good question.

  • If your question gets removed or moderated, do not repost it. Instead, look at the reasoning provided at the bottom of the question and try to ask your question again with these guidelines in mind. If what you posted is explicitly disallowed in the rules, or closed as "off-topic" or "spam", then please do not repost it.

  • When using tags, make the tags relevant to your actual question. Just because your code may contain a function doesn't mean it's about functions.

If you are answering a question, make sure to provide the following...

  • Explain your answer in English. Don't just post code; this doesn't help the poster or the community understand why the code does what it does.

  • Give an example of what you are posting about; don't just post an explanation.

  • If you post an answer, be prepared to answer follow-up questions that the poster or another member may comment on your post.

  • Expect your answer to be edited by members of the community for clarity or to add information. As stated in our Terms of Service, ownership of any content that you post on our website is transferred to us so that members of the community may modify it.

Further explanation of rules:

  • Asking someone to make a script for you is not allowed.

    • Scripting Helpers exists for the purpose of sharing scripting concepts and explaining how they work. A question asking someone to just write you a script is not going to help you or anyone else that happens upon the question understand what's actually going on, and it will probably not be very useful to others.
  • Providing compensation for answers is not allowed.

    • The goal of Scripting Helpers is to shed light on the world of ROBLOX Lua scripting for everyone. Those who post answers here should be posting to share information with no compensation. The community may give the poster reputation if they feel the answer was helpful, which will allow him to further help the community by gaining more privileges.

This post will also be available in our Help section after this blog post is no longer readily available. We will also keep it up-to-date with any further clarification of the rules.

I hope this helps you have a much more enjoyable time here at Scripting Helpers!

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BarakObamma says: April 14, 2014
THANK u SO MUCH for writing this !! It rly helpd me lern how 2 ask!
coo1o says: April 14, 2014
Nice guide, Kenetec. This should really help others! And helps me too. :D
AxeOfMen says: April 15, 2014
This should be required reading for all new accounts ;)
sinky909 says: April 15, 2014
oh yes i learnede so much thx !!11
trogyssy says: April 16, 2014
"As stated in our Terms of Service, ownership of any content that you post on our website is transferred to us so that members of the community may modify it." So if I post a script that I'm working on and need help with, anyone can take it and use it themselves?
funzrey says: April 30, 2014
God, pepole dont get it, they just downvote All of it onto me when they could of had a chance with getting MILLIONS of upvotes from me
TheGuyWithAShortName says: April 30, 2014
@AxeOfMen Yes, because requiring people to do things always works the way you want it. Just look at communism.. (:
evaera says: May 1, 2014
@trogyssy Yes. If you put it out there on the internet, then anyone can do whatever they want with it. This is true with any website.
Thesupremepatriot says: July 5, 2014
iluvmaths1123 says: July 8, 2014
mymw says: July 16, 2014
I say no to that. I am a newbie to lua scripting and I cannot provide very much info on my questions.
Familyguyxd23 says: July 19, 2014
There should be a roblox badge for lua scripting Lol
sgsharp says: August 17, 2014
I have been with LuaLearners, and I loved it. The community was so helpful. Then came ScriptingHelpers. I have posted things numerous amounts of times, and not many people help. One of the posts, I had to delete 3 times and repost it. Still no answer, but over 10 views. Nobody's helping...
yumtaste says: May 1, 2015
I want the codes for bullets, font size, etc. for answers to make mine look more professional.
TheeDeathCaster says: February 22, 2018
tratoi says: November 29, 2018
how do i frgging check my post as answered
Nguyenlegiahung says: April 27, 2020
This is a gud blog, rlly helped me