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New Reputation Changes Moving into the New Year

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great holiday and end to this interesting and eventful year. I want to take a moment and talk about everyone's favorite currency for a moment: Scripting Helpers reputation.

Since the site's inception, we have used a reputation system which has a linear relationship from post points to user reputation, such that when a post gets an upvote, the corresponding user also gets one reputation point. This system works, but it also homogenizes the impact of every post. For example, previously on Scripting Helpers, comment upvotes didn't give any user reputation at all, since it doesn't make sense for a comment upvote to have the same significance as an full-fledged answer.

As of today, we have implemented some changes that will increase the scope of reputation points. The first change you will notice is that almost everything has been multiplied by a factor of five: user reputation, rank requirements, amount of reputation you gain when upvoted, user privileges, etc.

However, there are some key changes, including users now lose one reputation point when they downvote a post, and they only lose two reputation points when a post of theirs is downvoted (as opposed to 5 if it was equivalent to the old system). To accompany this, when moderation is taken against a question, the question poster will also lose some reputation.

This new system can also allow us to do more things with reputation looking to the future, such as having votes from users with more reputation have a slightly higher impact than that of low-rep users.

Below you can find a full list of what can change your reputation. To see ranks and privileges, see User Privileges and Ranks

Change Action Description
+5 Upvote Someone upvotes your post
-2 Downvote Someone downvotes your post
+1 Comment vote Someone upvotes your comment
+2 Accept answer You accept someone's answer
+15 Answer accepted Your answer gets accepted
-1 You downvote You downvote someone else's post
-5 Question moderated Your question is moderated
-50 Spam Your question is closed as spam

And as an added holiday bonus, all users who were below zero reputation have been reset to zero. Hooray!

I hope this post has helped you all understand the reasoning behind this change, and that everyone can can adjusted to the new system quickly. If you have any feedback about the new system, you can leave a comment below or mention a staff member in our Discord server

Happy holidays!

— Eryn

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UnleashedGamers says: December 27, 2016
Ah, I was wondering why I went from 12 reputation to 65, haha!
Glueable says: December 27, 2016
I thought this was a way to include inflation to scriptinghelpers, but its just really a nice change
ItsTheELitist says: December 27, 2016
I went on here a few days ago and I had 5 reputation and now it's 25. Now I know why. :P
OldPalHappy says: December 27, 2016
I think I like about everything with this update besides for it costing you to downvote people. I understand this prevents mass downvote attacks, but there must have been a better way. I understand there's a moderation system, but you can't moderate answers.
DeveloperSolo says: December 28, 2016
Same @UnleashedGamers
TheeDeathCaster says: December 30, 2016
There's two major flaw in this article: w/ users who're just beginning to gain rep, such as if a player gets 13 rep, they'll lose it all if not careful. The article also didn't mention anything about if a user has 1 rep, b/c how I read, you lose points if the rep > 0, so if the rep is one, from what I read & understand, you'll get -2 when down-voting, and you will land on -1.
TheeDeathCaster says: December 30, 2016
Oops, read some of the article wrong. e.e You can tell in my second paragraph especially. :P Although, just to edit here since I can't in my original post, if someone were to down-vote you and you have 1, you'll face the problem of mass-down-voting from (now) big rep-users, since everyone's rep was multiplied by 5, and if the user(s) have multiple accs on SH w/ multiplied rep... *Shiver* o_o
shayner32 says: December 31, 2016
top notch
ChipioIndustries says: January 4, 2017
Holy freaking wow, I've got 310 rep points now! I feel so accomplished, although in reality it's the same value.
AZDev says: January 5, 2017
Was wondering why my rep was so high. Now I know. At first I thought it was stupid to lose a rep point because you downvote someone but then I remembered someone went through once and downvoted all my questions and answers and I lost over 30 rep. That situation was sorted though. I now think that the rep loss when downvoting is necessary.