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New Ranks to Achieve on Scripting Helpers

Hello everyone,

Today, we have rolled out a new set of ranks for you all to earn for spending your time on Scripting Helpers! We've revamped the requirements for the old ranks, in addition to adding six brand new titles to the pool.

This new setup lets users earn ranks more often as well as giving more experienced scripting helpers more recognition for sharing their insight on problems Roblox developers are facing.

In addition to seeing your new rank on the website, we have added roles on our Discord server for each of the new ranks which will automatically be applied when you join.

You can see a list of our new ranks here:

Rank Reputation Questions Accepted Answers Upvotes Received
Asker 5 1 asked
Inquisitor 15 5 asked
Contributor 25 5 answered
Researcher 45 10 answered
Academic 50 15 answered 1
Educator 75 25 answered 2 10
Professor 125 35 answered 3 20
Intellectual 500 50 answered 7 35
Scholar 1000 100 answered 15 50
Expert 2000 150 answered 35 100
Master 5000 300 answered 50 200

To compliment these new types of requirements, we've added Accepted Answers and Upvotes Received as user stats on your profile.

You will automatically be promoted in our Roblox group to your proper new rank, so make sure you join it! If your rank is wrong in the group, you can update it at any time on your account settings page

Thanks to everyone (and Jack) who contributed to planning out our new ranks in our Discord server today. It was a community effort!

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Aresko says: June 7, 2018
TheeDeathCaster says: June 7, 2018
unmiss says: June 7, 2018
Simnico99 says: June 7, 2018
Zafirua says: June 7, 2018
Its sucha long way for me because I don't answer a lot ;(
ScriptAbyss says: June 7, 2018
MachiavelRebirth here, wave.
Rhidlor says: June 7, 2018
SuperBeeperman says: June 15, 2018
same as Zafiua
kingofpronoobs says: June 16, 2018
ILikeTofuuJoe says: June 27, 2018
Only a few people would be Master Rank.
capinbuilda says: July 5, 2018
Only 30-something more answers to Scholar! Lol
BuzzKillGT says: July 26, 2018
Clap :3
herrtt says: July 28, 2018
I havent got my roles yet :(
DjMusa2 says: November 15, 2018
Im contributor! Yay!
Stroxketon says: February 3, 2020
BizzareBazaar says: July 12, 2020
raid6n says: July 18, 2020