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LuaLearners Shutdown: How to Sign In

In light of the LuaLearners shutdown (read about it here), I felt it was necessary to give instructions on how to access your Scripting Helpers account if you used LuaLearners as a sign-in method.

If you can still access your Scripting Helpers account:

Please visit your settings page and click on the Password tab. Then, click Add a Password.

If you cannot still access your Scripting Helpers account:

Issue a forgot password request, and reset your password from there. Then, simply use that password to log in normally.

If you are still having trouble:

Contact us at [email protected]

Thanks, and we hope you all can continue to have a great time here at Scripting Helpers!

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FearMeIAmLag says: March 7, 2014
My life won't be the same without lualearners.
BosswalrusTheCoder says: August 6, 2014
What about Lua Learners 2.0?