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Introducing the New Scripting Helpers Team

Scripting Helpers

Hello everyone!

After going through the 40+ applications we received, I am happy to introduce all of the new faces on our team! Three new bloggers, one new developer, and seven (phew!) new administrators have joined the team. The official "Community Manager" position will be announced at a later date. Here is the official list of the Community Managers.

Three new bloggers will mean lots of new content for our blog. We will be starting a consistent flow of content coming in the next few weeks, that should be a major improvement on what we previously had here on the blog.

Everment, LuaWeaver will be working hard in the next few months to bring all of you new, exciting updates to the Scripting Helpers website, including a plethora of Community-aimed features to allow all of you to communicate better and have more fun while on Scripting Helpers.

To start off this community-aimed update push, we are currently beta testing our new website-wide chat room! If you wish to opt-in to the beta, you can find the option on your account settings page. However, please be aware that there are still several features that must be implemented before the chat will be on by default, but feel free to submit any suggestions for the chat via the Feedback menu to the left.

Finally, with all these new administrators, you should expect to see lots of new and fun official events (like the Ludum dare from last year!) coming soon.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...the NEW, official Scripting Helpers staff list:

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bestbudd1 says: April 15, 2015
A new chat room? Just like old times!
Zequew says: April 15, 2015
Wow I thought that the applications was still going on because I was told yesterday..
Goulstem says: April 17, 2015
I'm EXTREMELY disappointed that I missed out on this.. I've been inactive for a couple weeks and I miss this by a hair.. ugh.. :(