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Game Jam Winners

Hello scripters! The day is upon us to announce the winners of the Scripting Helpers 2016 Game Jam. As you all might have known, this year's theme for Game Jam was "Farm". We've had some great results and an astounding 640 votes. Without further ado, let's get into our winners.

Overlord Conquest

By: SheikhGoat

Overlord Conquest is a simple grid clearing, plowing, and planting game that utilizes the Roblox Terrain to make the game more appealing. You start off with a worker and as you progress through the game that worker can level up and have more energy to plow, plant, and harvest. You can sell your harvests in the game and either buy more workers or buy more seeds. This is a game that wanted me to take over the whole map, and apparently that was accounted for since the map is huge.

SheikhGoat, formerly known as funnymouse7, did a fantastic job on his entry and has earned his spot as the first place winner of the Scripting Helpers Game Jam.

Farmer's Paradise

By: BornLeader1

Some what of a slower paced farming game. Once you select a farm server, you're taken to your own server with a plot of land to grow and build on. Your friends can even drop by whenever they want to see your progress on your farm. The downside is you can not grow the farm with them, so you're on your own. Anyways, still a unique entry and we hope it goes farther in development.

Great job BornLeader1, and congratulations on second place of our Game Jam.

Farm Quest

By: koolkid8099

Pretty much a basic farming game where there are a few plots where you can build a house or plant foods. However the game became increasingly hard to play as there were some bugs that prevented me from being able to do anything. Now two weeks is impressive to get a game submitted and when playing Farmer's Paradise and Overload Conquest, there were some latency issues and bugs that could be worked out in those. Just goes to show that even the best games can have problems. Nonetheless, a basic entry that is pretty original.

Way to go on earning third place koolkid8099.

For the Game Jam we were looking for originality with the projects, and this was a good year to find it. We selected the theme as it was broad however not used often. There were some great entries submitted this Game Jam and we can not wait to see what you might have in store next time!

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LegitimatlyMe says: March 29, 2016
when's the next game jam
koolkid8099 says: April 5, 2016
When ever someone else can fund it lol.......
Conmmander says: June 1, 2016
Wait they pay you to do it? I thought it was free, XD.