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Ask a Question vs. Community Chat!

We highly encourage you to ask questions using our dedicated "Ask a Question" service. Though there may be people on the Community Chat who can answer your question, there are several reasons why you should ask a question...

  1. Not everyone on the Community Chat is an active answerer! The Community Chat is a great place to hang out and chat, but some people may be annoyed or uninterested in answering your questions. Respect that!
  2. Asking a question keeps it in our database. If someone answers your question well, other people can find the same answer using the search feature. This is a great way to contribute to our community!
  3. It's easier for the people helping you if every detail of your problem is in one place. You know how chaotic back-and-forth conversations can get!
  4. It's easier for other people that you might not even know to jump in and save the day. They don't need to share the same timezone as you, nor do they necessarily have to have any means of contact with you. Don't limit your sources of help for no reason!

Happy asking!

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Shawnyg says: February 9, 2016
I forgot there was a blog
koolkid8099 says: February 12, 2016
I wish people adapt this rather than spamming the same question in community chat.
TheDeadlyPanther says: February 19, 2016
@koolkid8099 often people (like me) 'spam' it in chat because our question was not answered, and it has gotten out of the way for the newer posts. Just saying.
AZDev says: March 26, 2016
Questions are constantly getting buried so the only way to let others know we use the chat. I use both the chat and ask a question. It really depends on the problem I am having. If I know It is big problem I ask a question. If I know It is simple and can be fixed in one or two chat messages I use chat. If it turns out to be more than that, I use ask a question.
User#11440 says: November 8, 2016
In my experience, this isn't a very big problem.