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How to I recreate this in my obby? [closed]

Asked by 5 months ago

I noticed that in Sea's Difficulty Chart Obby, they have this in there obby. It is where you teleport to another stage in the obby (I do not know how to put a image here). I do not know how to script well, so I cant do this. And if you complete a stage you can teleport back to a former stage. Please help me.

You aren't allowed to ask questions such as "how to make this", but i'll give you a quick rundown TTChaos 747 — 5mo
Basically, you have a menu of buttons, once you click them, you get teleported away. See TTChaos 747 — 5mo
That is not what I meant. I meant a text button that when you click it you can teleport to whatever stage you want. But thanks anyway for trying to help! kickoff127 15 — 5mo
I cant show you what I mean. I don't know how to put a image or a snipe there. kickoff127 15 — 5mo

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