Questions may be closed as Off-Topic because they do not suit the website's purpose. Questions that get closed as Off-Topic may involve Roblox Core Script errors, Building Questions, request for assistance with a different programming language.

Scripting Helpers is a help website for the Lua scripting language in the context of Roblox. We do not support assistance in PHP, Python, Java, or other programming languages. This notably means that we are unable to assist with web development, should you wish to save data on a third-party website, or make special bots or APIs for the Roblox game or website.

Since this is a scripting website, we do not help with building. This means we do not create detailed part models or create animations.

As per Roblox Core Script errors, these are frequent. Roblox Core Scripts are not perfect, they throw errors and sometimes use functions not yet released. Unfortunately, Scripting Helpers cannot fix any of that. If a Core Script does end up breaking, it is up to Roblox to fix it. There is nothing we may do.

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