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How do I Open .rbxmx Files in Studio? [closed]

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2Loos 145
2 months ago
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This question is not about scripting

Ah yes, the epic problem of unions getting corrupted after over 7 hours of hard work! I followed the amazingly detailed DevForum post on how to retrieve it and then, boom! There's that one step that always makes no sense!!! Please, someone, help me, I've worked quite hard on this union, and I can't afford to remake it.


As far as i know, right click on Workspace, Press "Insert Object/Export From File " and select the .rbxmx file and you should be able toinsert the model. Techyfied 114 — 2mo
you can also click the "Insert Object" button, probably under the "Model" tab Gey4Jesus69 2704 — 2mo
Hey, post that as an answer, I'll accept it. I'm not really sure how to close it without accepting something 2Loos 145 — 2mo

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