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How do I make a "Press R to Ragdoll Script" in 2020? [closed]

Asked by 7 days ago

I don't know how to make a ragdoll script - or how to script at all! Could you show me the script so I can copy and paste it? If so that'll be appreciated!

Scripting helpers is not a request site, don't request on here. Only post if you have errors in your code. You're never gonna learn how to make games if you just copy and paste. If you wanna learn how to script watch tutorials on youtube and if you work hard enough, you'll learn how to make a ragdoll script on your own. ack_superbear 33 — 7d
Come on man, this is not a request site. Just search up tutorials on how to make one, instead of asking for a copy and paste. sean_thecoolman 190 — 7d

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