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How Do I Make Rag doll On Fall Please Put Script Below? [closed]

Asked by 2 years ago

So I'm Creating A Fall To Ur Death Game But I Need A Script That Can Ragdoll The Player When The Player Is Falling Out Of The World

this place isn't a place for asking for scripts; Its scripting HELPERS MmadProgrammer 35 — 2y
Oh Wow So Other People Get Script's But I Don't? AlphaRedAnt -4 — 2y
Yes because other people made their own code hiimgoodpack 2009 — 2y

Closed as Not Constructive by hiimgoodpack

This question has been closed because it is not constructive to others or the asker. Most commonly, questions that are requests with no attempt from the asker to solve their problem will fall into this category.

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