Not Constructive remains the most commonly used moderation message. Often, users who receive this message post request questions. We are Scripting Helpers, we are not a for-hire set of scripters. Our sole goal is to teach and assist. New users often ask questions in the form of requests, which is not the goal of this website.

Request questions are seen as questions where the users ask if people may make a script for them. These are typically difficult to achieve goals where all the work is placed on the person answering the question. The user generally puts little to no research into how to achieve that goal and has little knowledge on how this goal may be achieved.

If you did make attempts to solve the question you're asking, we ask that you show it. We want to know where your current level of knowledge is and want to help you build on that. With that, tell us the current outcome of your code and what outputs and errors show.

We are a help website, but we want you to make an attempt at research and development. If you get stuck, we're here to help. If we feel as though you have no desire to learn, we are not going to help you.

How do I make a good question?