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How to create BPM Script for camera? [closed]

Asked by 10 days ago
Edited 9 days ago

Idk how to create it, i saw BPM Script in Club Places. It's looks like screen shake.

local Frame = script.Parent
    local Sound = game.Workspace.PlaylistSound.PlaybackLoudness
    Frame.Size =,Sound,0,Sound)

I'm used it to GUI and its works pretty good like Audio Visualizer, but idk how to convert it to script for camera.

Do not write me your witty phrases in the likeness of what is in the comments. I asked a specific question, please write what is required from the given topic.

We aren't "give us a working script and we'll make it do something else than what the script should already do" helpers hiimgoodpack 1964 — 10d
hiimgoodpack, Explain why you wrote this, if you can't write code for me, what's the point of writing something like this? VenoxDevs -5 — 9d

Closed as Not Constructive by hiimgoodpack and moo1210

This question has been closed because it is not constructive to others or the asker. Most commonly, questions that are requests with no attempt from the asker to solve their problem will fall into this category.

Why was this question closed?