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So SamsonXVI makes a working car that drives into a game w/ player countdown and player count? [closed]

Asked by 5 months ago

I have tried many codes that would have not worked for me and my camping game im creating, this is one for me that hasn't worked:

local Teleport = workspace.TeleportPad -- Name of the Part you touch to teleport to the part you are teleporting to (Change all TeleportPads to the name of your Part) function Touch(hit) if script.Parent.Locked == false and script.Parent.Parent:FindFirstChild("TeleportPad").Locked == false then script.Parent.Locked = time script.Parent.Parent:FindFirstChild("TeleportPad").Locked = true

And this one hasn't ether:

local pos = script.Parent.Parent:FindFirstChild("TeleportPad") hit.Parent:moveTo(workspace.TeleportPoint.Position) wait(1) script.Parent.Locked = false script.Parent.Parent:FindFirstChild("TeleportPad").Locked = false end end script.Parent.Touched:Connect(Touch)

These two were supposed to work plz help

Is this supposed to be a teleporter??? can you explain what you want. ForeverBrown 355 — 5mo
what 123nabilben123 457 — 5mo
I assume this is a free model by the OP stating "So SamsonXVI makes a working car" because the OP is not SamsonXVI and based on "I have tried many codes" hiimgoodpack 2009 — 5mo

Closed as Not Constructive by ForeverBrown, cmgtotalyawesome, hiimgoodpack, and BlueTaslem

This question has been closed because it is not constructive to others or the asker. Most commonly, questions that are requests with no attempt from the asker to solve their problem will fall into this category.

Why was this question closed?