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How to blocks the error plugins? [closed]

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Xapelize 2326 Moderation Voter Community Moderator
2 years ago
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Please note this is a old post, so the time when I posted this I was a young kid, please don't complain

Some plugins when blocked, it wasn't just closed. It just stays there. I unactive all the plugins, and try to delete it, reopen the Roblox studio, and redownload and reopen the Roblox studio... I opened a new baseplate but the ServerScriptService kept getting a random script.

The random script named ',' , I tried to do a script like this:


It doesn't work! Why ;(

While I was confusing about this, I found the plugins once need an update, I updated it and the script with error occurred become more! I noticed this and DELETE the PLUGIN, but, THE SCRIPT WASN'T STOP SPAWNING! PLEASE HELP ME! EVERY HELP IS APPRECIATED, HELP PLEASE ;((((

Use the discord for off topic questions not related to Lua in Roblox. hiimgoodpack 2009 — 2y
You probably got a virus / bad plugin. Your best bet is just to uninstall roblox overall and start over. BlackOrange3343 2676 — 2y

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