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How do you make a door that prompts the gamepass if you touch it? [closed]

Asked by
Laxona -2
1 year ago

So, for better sense, it's like doors at DD, it requires a gamepass to get into a specific area and when you're inside ere you are able to like go upstairs and whatnot. So if you touch the door and own the gamepass you can go right through, but if you don't and you touch the door it'll prompt up a purchase tab for you to buy it, and if you don't purchase it it'll just keep repeating it if you go to the door. If you know how to make a script or link a video to me, or basically just have a script I can borrow or model I'd appreciate it so much, thanks!

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Answered by
Xternl 7
1 year ago
Edited 1 year ago

Once they touch the door, you can check to see if they own the pass using PlayerOwnsAsset from the MarketplaceService. If they don't own it prompt them with a purchase.



You can use this as a guide for the door.