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DataStore Query [REPOST]? [closed]

Asked by
HexC3D 830 Moderation Voter
10 years ago

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How would I access DataStore Uni.?

How would I be able to load DataStore Value on a different game but Same Universe?

z = game.Workspace.Value
ds = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetGlobalDataStore() 
ds:SetAsync(z.Value) -- How would I load this value e.e

I know How to save but loading it on a different game(same Universe) is giving me problems, how would I do this? I've Tested this but it just won't load and I don't know why. z is a IntValue btw..

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Answered by 10 years ago
z = game.Lighting.Value
ds = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetGlobalDataStore
ds:SetAsync(z.Value) -- Look up RPG's on ROBLOX to learn how to load it Ontouch and stuff.
I already know how to load it, but you gave me an Idea I forgot thanks though, YOU BROUGHT BACCK MY MEMORY FOR THAT plus 1 point HexC3D 830 — 10y