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How do you put items into a StarterPack in Roblox Studio (New One)? [closed]

Asked by 8 years ago

I want to put "Building Tools by F3X" into a starter pack and I don't know how to.

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Answered by 8 years ago

When you insert a tool from the free models page it should pop up with a message saying something like "Would you like to insert this tool into StarterPack?" Click yes if you want it in starterpack, or no if you want to edit it in Workspace. You can also just drag the tool into Starterpack if it is currently in Workspace, or anywhere else.

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Answered by
Regg12 0
8 years ago

Unlock it and slide it down to StarterPack .

That did not answer my question. Please be more specific ThatTheatrePerson 10 — 8y