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What are the basics of ROBLOX Lua? [closed]

Asked by 10 years ago

What are the basics of scripting to help me get started?

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Answered by
1waffle1 2908 Trusted Badge of Merit Moderation Voter Community Moderator
10 years ago

"The basics" are being able to understand Lua syntax and understanding how code works.

To list concepts that you should familiarize yourself with in an order, I've come up with a reasonable succession. First of all, though, you should understand the various object types Roblox provides, as well as their properties.

  • Creating and indexing variables, print
  • Data types (skip threads and userdata), keywords, symbols
  • arithmetic operators, math library
  • if statement, logical and relational operators
  • Scope (skip fenvs), control structures, loops (skip generic for)
  • functions and expressions, arguments/parameters
  • pairs, ipairs, next, generic for
  • The table library, unpack
  • type, tostring, tonumber
  • recursive functions
  • variadic functions, select
  • pcall, xpcall, assert, error
  • The string library
  • Pattern captures
  • loadstring, coroutines/multithreading, _G
  • metatables and metamethods, getmetatable/setmetatable, rawget/rawset/rawequal[, newproxy]
  • function environments
  • garbage collection, weak tables

This list should provide something to refer to when classifying magnitudes of "advanced scripting."

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Answered by 10 years ago

Well, I can't tell you the basics. You can either go to the Roblox Wiki Or you can check out peaspod on his channel PeasFactory He has beginners scripting so you should watch it first before advanced.

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Answered by 10 years ago

The most important part of scripting is knowledge of the syntax. The syntax is sort of how you talk to the computer. After you have a good knowledge of the syntax you can start working on your problem solving skills, which is also known as designing code.

For more info on the syntax of lua I refer to

And for more info on the syntax of RBX.Lua you should check out

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Answered by 10 years ago

I will teach you The basics of parents and children:

Basically, each object has a parent, and may have children. For instance:

Workspace could be the parent of a model, which could be the parent of a part, which could be the parent of a script. 'Script' in this instance is the child of part, model, and workspace.

Like this if it helped (: