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how would i make a brick grow like a crop? [closed]

Asked by 9 years ago

I need the brick to grow when like a plant seeder hit's it and take some time to turn from transparent into a plant and grow up with in like 8-10 min (:

This is a Q&A site, not a request site. At least give it an attempt first. aquathorn321 858 — 9y
For the 8-10 min thing do wait(8*60) and to change the transparency use a for loop(look up in the roblox wiki). Then change the part's size. EzraNehemiah_TF2 3552 — 9y

Closed as Not Constructive by EzraNehemiah_TF2, dyler3, samfun123, and Shawnyg

This question has been closed because it is not constructive to others or the asker. Most commonly, questions that are requests with no attempt from the asker to solve their problem will fall into this category.

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Answered by 9 years ago

Like aqua said, this is not a request site. Please try to look at videos and the ROBLOX Wiki and attempt to do it.

I am guessing you are trying to say when a tool called "Plant seeder" hits the plant, you want to wait a random amount of minutes from 8-10?

If so, try my answer, although I can't gurantee it will work:

plant = PlantLocationHere
growtime = math.random(480,600) -- EDITED: Hope it works!

if touched.Parent.Name = "Plant seeder" or touched.Parent.Name = "Plant Seeder" then
plant.Size =,SizeNumber,SizeNumber)

Note: Replace PlantLocationHere with the actual location of it. Replace the 3 SizeNumbers with the size of how big you want your plant to grow. DO NOT change wait(growtime).

If it works, please accept my answer so we will both get reputation.

If it doesn't work, I will try and edit it to get a correct answer.

Do wait(growtime*60) to wait for 8-10 min. You should also change the CFrame of the part. EzraNehemiah_TF2 3552 — 9y
ohh boy this is out of level ags5321 0 — 9y
Wait, I made a slight problem with my answer. I edited it and fixed it. Hope it works! groovydino 2 — 9y
it doestn work man ags5321 0 — 9y