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How to save item when teleporting? [closed]

Asked by 28 days ago

hi im making a game that have game teleport in it. theres also tool in the game. id like to know how do you make it so that the player's backpack item will still be in the player's backpack when he or she teleported to the other game? (im still new to the whole scripting stuff)

You will need to make a game universe. Under your main place, create a new place. You will need to go into studio to actually make a place that correlates with the first place. You then can call the same datastore and your data is transferable between both places DarkDanny04 391 — 28d

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Answered by
VAHMPIN 265 Moderation Voter
28 days ago
Edited 28 days ago

You can achieve this by doing 2 things:

if it's a tool that EVERY player has just make a simple script like this in the game you teleport to:

game.Lighting.TOOL:Clone().Parent = player.Backpack
or you can use the DataStoreService to save data and load data in the new game.
thanks IEatToaster 9 — 28d