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How to make this script fire items so other players can see?

Asked by 14 days ago

This script is local, only the local player can see. I know that a remote event can help other players see. I don't know how due to the velocity of the part. Do I make a new part in the server and add the body velocity there and send the coordinates or is there an easier way? I cannot figure it out.

Here is the PART of the local script, this is the main function and this is activated when the tool connects:

function mouseDownFunction()
    local Debounce = false
    local clone = ship:Clone()
    clone.Parent = game.Workspace
    clone.Name = player.Character.Name.."Part"
    clone.Position = character.Position +,0,0)
    local bv ="BodyVelocity")
    bv.Parent = clone 
    bv.MaxForce =,1e8,1e8) 
    local mousePos = mouse.Hit.p -,0,0)
    bv.Velocity = (mousePos - character.Position).unit * speed--(mouse.hit.p - character.Position).unit * speed
    local sparkes ="ParticleEmitter", clone)
    sparkes.Size =
    clone.CanCollide = false    
        if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") and Debounce == false then 
            if hit.Parent ~= player.Character.Name then

Thanks for the Help!

You'll need to create the projectile on the server, yes. Feahren 3662 — 14d
there are multiple videos on youtube that show how to do this Oblivious_Blitz 1 — 14d

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