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How to Connect 3 Audio parts into One song?

Asked by 10 days ago

Ok, here we go. So I'm making a game with stages it doesn't matter. There's a song I need for my game which is 5 minutes long and it would cost me around 350 Robux and I don't want to spend this much Robux for a level song. All I did is cut the song at 3 parts and then I uploaded the song at 3 parts which each part cost me around 70 Robux.

All I need is to find a way to build a script that plays these 3 parts and connects the 3 parts into one song Like ''When I touch the brick ETC. play Part1 then Part2 Then part3'' and then it will loop the action. The song which is in 3 parts will loop from the first part and it will play again the other 2 parts in order How do I script that? (Sorry for my bad English)

You can assign the Sound's TimePosition before playing it. This should ensure that you are getting the position of the audio you want the game to move to. Likewise, reading the sound's TimeLength will help you determine the TimePosition to use. BashCaster 2676 — 10d
i didnt read it yet but thanks you are fast PerfectGamer1232 5 — 10d

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