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Is there a way to globally remove default character sound?

Asked by 4 months ago

Sorry if this doesn't abide by the rules, I'm just asking for some help on where and how to remove default character sound.

Better way of explaining the title; I want to remove the default character sounds, such as "Running", "Jumping", etc. (I know you can change the volume for all sounds to 0, but that's only client sided, others can still hear it.) If there is a way to remove default character sounds to where nobody can hear them, please tell me.

1 answer

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Answered by
haba_nero 311 Moderation Voter
4 months ago
Edited 4 months ago
    local Running = plr.Character.Head:FindFirstChild("Running")
    repeat Running.SoundId = "0" until Running.SoundId == "0"
    repeat Running.Volume = 0 until Running.Volume == 0

This should do it

Sorry but I asked how to remove character sounds for server, not client. I don't want other people hearing other players footsteps. BiIinear 83 — 4mo
Oh I thought it would work haba_nero 311 — 4mo

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