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How would I go about making a part face the HumanoidRootPart when "Spawned"?

Asked by 4 months ago

Ive been working on this "Tardis" like experiment for a while, you use a tool and it spawns a door you can go inside of that takes you to my house.

Im trying to make it so when it is cloned, I want it to face the HumanoidRootPart. It'll be stationary until the tool is used again which will remove it, and can be placed again elsewhere. Since it is stationary, I do not believe I need a Body Gyro and I am very lost.

Any ideas on what I should do? Thanks!

If you set the primarypartcframe of the door to that of the humanoidrootparts but then push it forward then shouldn't it just match up the direction (pretty sure it does but I'm not 100%, which is why I haven't posted this as an answer) FlabbyBoiii 61 — 4mo
It should @FlabbyBoiii Feahren 5379 — 4mo
Well the problem lies that I position it at the mouse aswell, using CFrame, so id have to just adjust orientation but I cant figure that out iResioku 15 — 4mo
I've also had problems figuring out orientation too, though I'll usually end up using CFrame.Angles FlabbyBoiii 61 — 4mo
Hmm alright, ill see if I can read up on how to use those and see if I can make that do the trick iResioku 15 — 4mo

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