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How Do I Generate a Random Position for A Model?

Asked by 10 days ago

So I want to make this system that clones a cage and spawns it somewhere. Here is my code so far:

local spawner = game.ReplicatedStorage.SpawnCage1
local cage = game.ServerStorage.Cage:Clone()

    if spawner.Value == true then
        cage.Parent = workspace
        local position1 =,0,0)
        local position2 =,0,0)   
        local position3 =,0,0)
        local position4 =,0,0)
        local chosenPos = {position1,position2,position3,position4}
    cage.PrimaryPart.Position = math.random(1,#chosenPos)
    elseif spawner.Value == false then
        cage.Parent = game.ServerStorage

Here is the error in the output: 17:30:12.412 - ServerScriptService.Cage1Spawner:12: bad argument #3 to 'Position' (Vector3 expected, got number)

I would really appreciate if someone helped me out with this. Thanks in advance!

1 answer

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Answered by 10 days ago

Instead of

cage.PrimaryPart.Position = math.random(1,#chosenPos)

try using

cage.PrimaryPart.Position = chosenPos[math.random(1,#chosenPos)]
Thanks. PrismaticFruits 73 — 10d

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