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How can I fix my spaceship camera system?

Asked by 11 days ago

I've got a problem with a spaceship camera system I made... It works using constraints (such as AlignPosition and AlignOrientation) and moving attachments in front of the current camera position, and can rotate freely on all axes (including going upside down, etc). I scripted an extra thing which meant controls and rotation worked the same way whichever rotation the camera was at.

However, if you're going at a relatively high speed, after a few seconds you notice some camera 'bouncing' - the camera (and ship) starts to move regularly up and down. Over the following seconds, the bouncing becomes more and more intense, until you fly to ridiculous heights then come down into the FallenPartsDestroyHeight. I'm not sure how to fix this... do I need to somehow add damping to the system or the constraints? I mean, it works perfectly at slower speeds...

Ask me for more details if you need them. Any help would be appreciated (:

This could be due to roblox's floating point errors, basically every game starts breaking apart if you go to far Lord_WitherAlt 55 — 11d
Ah, I see DOMwillDOMINATE2 0 — 11d
Do you know of any way it could be fixed? DOMwillDOMINATE2 0 — 11d

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