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How can I make it so the camera is able to look down completely ?

Asked by
synkrio 204 Moderation Voter
5 months ago

The camera system that Roblox has right now prevents you from looking straight down. This is probably to prevent the camera from spinning wildly. This is a problem for me because I am working on a rocket jumping system and the small angle difference launches the player backward instead of launching straight up. I want to know if there a code in Roblox's default camera script that I can change to fix this.

Play the game in Studio then go to Player > PlayerScripts > PlayerModule > CameraModule > BaseCamera and change the MIN_Y variable. Your camera might act weird if you change it too much though. Denny9876 1374 — 5mo
So that doesn't work but I found out I can use the camera's CFrame and improvise synkrio 204 — 5mo

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