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How do I rotate a part on an axis?

Asked by
AltNature 169
5 months ago
Edited 5 months ago

I have created an oven, and I wish to use Magnitude with Run-Service and User Input Service to pop up a GUI that reads, " Press "E" to open oven" ; however, I run into the issue that the oven rotates in place, rather than on the axis it is "attached" (not actually attached to the oven) on. I am now concerned on how I would rotate the part in a way that doesn't look completely wrong. Big thanks for taking your time to read my question, if you could answer.. thanks! UPDATE - I FIGURED OUT HOW TO ROTATE ON AN AXIS; HOWEVER I RAN INTO A PROBLEM.. AS FOLLOWS

I have this script, I was able to figure some of it out , but for some reason the parts clump together as if on a axis I didnt want them on / something like that , please help

-- Have a remote event fire from starter player scripts to activate this script, for now I am testing if I like how the oven 
-- moves

local hinge = workspace.HingeOfRotation
local rotation_objects = {
local hingePos = hinge.Position

for i = 1, 90 do -- 90 degree iterations 
    for _, v in pairs(rotation_objects) do
        v.CFrame = * CFrame.Angles(math.rad(i),0,0) *, 1.08 ,0)

So basically, my question is how do you rotate multiple parts on a axis of one of the parts without the other parts clumping together to have a common center?

Can you give me the script? I want to see what's wrong. If you have some other scripts related to it, show that too. Adios. Sensei_Developer 272 — 5mo
I added a script AltNature 169 — 5mo

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