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Is there a way to script when text would be added to the words your saying in-game?

Asked by
Simxzn 2
5 months ago

For instance, If I say something like, "Testing 123" I would want it to have a letter in between that text like this: "Tqeqsqtqiqnqg 1q2q3" (q).

You can learn string patterns. GSUB and SPLIT is very helpful in this case. Also I recommend that you search before you post. iuclds 432 — 5mo
I searched, but no results :( Simxzn 2 — 5mo
This can be accomplished using a for loop and gsub(), very easily. DeceptiveCaster 2794 — 5mo
You don't even need a for loop or gsub, use `table.concat(s:split(" "), "q")` programmerHere 372 — 5mo

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