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How to make the starting character a rolling ball?

Asked by 5 months ago

I have little to no experience with lua scripting in roblox. I want to make the character start as a rolling ball that can glide down slopes, move in 4 directions, and jump, like one of those marble games.

If you have no experience in lua development, why even bother trying? Use a body-gyro and userinputservice to move the ball around, also learn collision groups so that the ball will not collide with your player but collide with everything else that you want to collide. iuclds 432 — 5mo
just because i have no experience doesn't mean im not going to try :). Thank you for the info i will look into it. Dotmatrix_0 0 — 5mo
This is an pretty advanced script, so I would learn Roblox Lua and maybe start with something a little simpler before trying code of this caliber. Also, this is not a request site, try to ask questions that other people with similar questions can learn from rather than asking for a script specific to you. Sulu710 120 — 5mo
Ask this question in Logan_Developer 17 — 5mo

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