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Why isn't the property of my part changing after I called the function?

Asked by 12 days ago
Edited 12 days ago

I successfully got the function to work, but the position of the part will not change after waiting 3 seconds. Can you help me?

function myPart(myPosition)
    local part ="Part")
    part.Anchored = true
    part.BrickColor ="Black")
    part.Position = myPosition
    part.Parent = workspace

    return myPart

local myPartData = myPart(,7,1))
myPartData.Position =,7,2)
You're indexing the function, not the part itself. Change line 8 to "return part". BashCaster 2537 — 12d
Thank you :) WolfHasQuack 3 — 12d

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