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how do i kick exploiters?

Asked by
zed_103 23
3 years ago

so im making a game and its public one time i play it and i saw an exploiter in my own game so how do i kick players automaticly when they exploit in my game

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Answered by
pwx 1546 Moderation Voter
3 years ago
Edited 3 years ago

Right, so this isn't an easy question to explain. This takes time and dedication to make your game exploit proof.

The core things to remember are:

  • Never trust the client.
  • Make sure most exploit checks are server sided.
  • Your game cannot be fully exploit proof.

Now, let's begin.

FilterEnabled: This is a core feature every game should have turned on. This prevents client from replicating over to server without the use of RemoteEvents. This will prevent a majority of scripts in which could potentially ruin your game completely. This will set it to true, which it always should be.

Safeguard Checks: Most of these should only be server sided, because if client sided the exploiter can turn off the script and continue exploiting anyway. The reason I call them 'safeguards' is because you don't really want to :Kick() them with this because incase it was a mister meaner such as them getting flung. This forum explains it really well in the comments.

Bans: You should really only be doing this method if KNOW the thing they are trying to do only exploiters can do. Example being spam firing remotes even with a debounce or them firing a remote when not in the correct position, etc. Make sure when they do attempt to break the game, the only way to do so if through an exploit.

RemoteEvents: You should be using this a lot with FilterEnabled set true, this allows the client to communicate to the server and vice versa with server to client. You should try use this at a minimum and make sure you do everything that can hurt the game SERVER SIDE to prevent exploiters, so you can do your checks without clients trying to send over false data.

I kind of went into this really briefly and probably didn't explain it all that well, there are plenty of forums and posts you can read up on if you just search online which probably explain it a lot better than I do. If you have any other questions feel free to use the comments below.

Really nice explanation, but remember to edit this because roblox forced all games to filtering enabled, doesn't matter if it's on or off. User#27525 1 — 3y
^ Ah right, gotcha. pwx 1546 — 3y
Um anti exploits take 5 minutes to write depending on your scripting level and what the anti is for. Also almost never use remote events they get exploited so hard. Unless you have an anti monitoring every fire voidofdeathfire 148 — 3y
^ You use remotes to connect from client to server, if you use arguments server side then it's a lot harder to exploit. But yes, you should only use remotes if you REALLY need to. pwx 1546 — 3y

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