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I Need a Help For Logic. Is That Possible?

Asked by 5 months ago
Edited 5 months ago

Hey guys! I'm trying to make ai for all monsters in my game. I code the first stage. They are spawning in certain area and they are individually and randomly moving in that area. There is no problem with idle mode. The problem is when someone attack them they should stop what they are doing and attack the player. When they are idle they are waiting random amount of time. I want the cancel that wait or idle movement when they are under attack and if the attacker runs away they should back idle mode. I don't have enought experience with lua and i can't build the logic. What should i use to make it work ? Is there any topic should i research ? Thanks!

This spawn script is child of region part :

--Define Storage service
local storage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
--Which mob should spawn?
local mob = "Zombie"
--Count of mobs
local mobCount = 7
--Randomly pick between these times. It will wait idle xx seconds.
local idleTime = {10,15}
--Coordinates for free walking region
local topLeft = + (script.Parent.Size.X/2)),0,(script.Parent.Position.Z + (script.Parent.Size.Z/2)))
local bottomRight = - (script.Parent.Size.X/2)),0,(script.Parent.Position.Z - (script.Parent.Size.Z/2)))

--Spawn all mobs
local randCoordinate =
for i=1, mobCount do
    local randomX = randCoordinate:NextInteger(topLeft.X,bottomRight.X)
    local randomZ = randCoordinate:NextInteger(topLeft.Z,bottomRight.Z)
    local spawned = storage[mob]:clone()
    spawned.safeRegionX.Value = tostring(topLeft.X)..":".. tostring(bottomRight.X)
    spawned.safeRegionZ.Value = tostring(topLeft.Z)..":".. tostring(bottomRight.Z)
    spawned.minIdle.Value = idleTime[1]
    spawned.maxIdle.Value = idleTime[2]
    spawned.HumanoidRootPart.Position =,3,randomZ)
    spawned.Parent = workspace.Mobs 

And this script is child of zombie. Each zombie have it's unique script.

--Bool variable for check if there is any attacker
local attacker = false
--Random for idle wait time
local randIdle =
--Fixed height for certain mob
local height = script.Parent.HumanoidRootPart.Position.Y
--Safe region for walk
local firstX = string.split(script.Parent.safeRegionX.Value,":")[1]
local secondX = string.split(script.Parent.safeRegionX.Value,":")[2]

local firstZ = string.split(script.Parent.safeRegionZ.Value,":")[1]
local secondZ = string.split(script.Parent.safeRegionZ.Value,":")[2]

while script.Parent.Humanoid.Health > 0 do
    if attacker then
        print("there is attacker")
        print("No attacker!")
        local moveX = randIdle:NextNumber(firstX,secondX)
        local moveZ = randIdle:NextNumber(firstZ,secondZ)
        print("Moving to : " .. tostring(moveX) .. ", " .. tostring(height) .. ", " .. tostring(moveZ))
can u show us all scripts plox BashGuy10 373 — 5mo
I add my script GeldiBaskan 7 — 5mo

2 answers

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Answered by 5 months ago

You should check the wiki for your questions before asking here, this is an extremely broad question and there are many ways to program AI.

However, I would recommend the wiki. If you want it done now without learning a lot of lua then you will have to hire someone to do it for you, or hire someone to teach you how to do it. You should also show your code so that we know what you're working with, or at least portions of it.

Thanks for your answer! Actually i researched but i couldn't find related with mine. I think i should search more. Can you give me a keyword for this kind of search ? And lastly do you know any place to hire some scripters ? GeldiBaskan 7 — 5mo
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Answered by 5 months ago

Maybe try making a BoolValue in the enemy with a function binned to the Changed signal that would make the enemy stop moving or stop idling for as long as it's true.

Or if you are using modules instead of scripts you can make a function in that module (and the server will execute it) that would do the same thing but without a BoolValue.

Also you will have to remove that long wait in the idle state, when you think about it, it does way more harm than good. Just don't forget a wait() in the while loop, don't make it long though.

I think a final product will look something like this:

idleDelay = 2 -- how long the enemy will have to wait to get back to the idle state
delayStart = nil -- this will be a tick to measure how long it has been since the enemy got out of the idle state
bv = script.Parent.BoolValue -- this should be changed to true when enemy is attacked

    if not delayStart then -- then the enemy is in idle state but it shouldn't be now because it has been attacked
        delayStart = tick() 
        -- don't forget to stop moving animations, movement etc here to show that they are still and attacking
    else -- this means that the enemy got attacked while not in the idle state
        delayStart = tick() -- we need to restart it to make sure the delay is up to date
        -- you don't need much else here because the enemy is already attacking

while wait() do
    if delayStart then -- if they are not in idle state but we want to know if they should
        local shouldBeIdle = tick() - delayStart >= idleDelay -- if the time since the enemy has been attacked is more than idleDelay then it should be idle, makes sense?
        if shouldBeIdle then
            print("the enemy now should be idle and so it will be")
            delayStart = nil
            -- make all that idle state things here

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